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    Track items from within Activity page

      For an item in my Activity page I may decide to Track it, but I can't...




      I may read an item in my Activity page and think that it's very important and want to move it over to my Communications page


      At the moment I have to clickthrough...

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          John Schwiller

          My view FWIW is that clicking through to get to the content in 'technicolor' so that you can track it is acceptable - given the likely frequency of this use case which I think is pretty low. For example I track one or two Places and key people, but not 'random' bits of content.


          As I mentioned elsewhere I think the UI needs to be kept 'relatively simple' - over burdening the entries in the stream with 'every' control possible will impact the viewing of a Preview of every piece of content.


          If it was upto me, which of course it isn't , I'd prefer Jive to be concentrating on allowing us to do things we currently can't do, or on making it easier to do the 'high-volume' things.