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    Changing culture: structured content to unstructured people?


      I was lucky enough to attend the recent NY User Group session and wanted to thank everyone for shring their Jive successes.

      As a group that is very new to Jive, we are currently working out with how to integrate our existing intranet culture (focus on structured content) with Jive (focus on unstructured content and people). One of the things that struck me in all the demo's that I saw, was that the "content" tab on all your sites seemed to display a low number of documents but a significantly high number of discussions, polls, etc


      My conclusion...you guys clearly have the Jive thing working well and I'd like to know if you had to tackle this cultural shift and if you did, how did you make it work?


      Do you have any success stories you can share with how you managed to move from existing structured, content-heavy intranets to the more unstructured, people-focussed Jive platform?


      Or maybe you have this issue but did not feel it needed to be solved with your current implementation of Jive?


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!