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    Community hierarchy & overview tabs

      We're not getting used to the new hierarchical model with CS. How is it working internally inside Jive?


      Because outside in this Jivespace, I'm still trying to figure out what goes where. So the first question is:


      What is supposed to go into /clearspace vs /clearspace/features?  I guess /clearspace is supposed to be the mainstream development area, but my prediction is that the subspaces are going to get more activity.




      The community overview tab layout. (I'd include a screen grab, but I'm getting an error.)


      The actual content is in some grey 20 pixel high tabs and then (700 pixels from the top of the page!) some Latest Discussions.


      The subcommunites are a 200 pixel high white box.


      Maybe I'll get used to it, and maybe it's just my Forums heritage needing to be unlearned, but for now on Day 2 of this functioning CSX, I'm not gettin' it. I feel lost.




      ps the bug report part of this message:


      (note that along with being unable to upload an image, the rich text editor is giving me fits today with some of my paragraphs having spaces between them and some not. In the old days of usenet, there used to be a bug that users called "The Line Eater." I'm thinking about using that as my nickname for this beast.)







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          IMHO the confusion over having a discussions at the clearspace and at the sub-space is a configuration design issue.



          Given that Jivesapce is covering the Jive product line, it's logical that it has it's own space and sub-spaces. It is a configuration choice to set-up a space to have discussions.



          On the current set-up, I also don't understand the differentiation between the group of discussions at the top and leaf level - certainly in the context of feature discussions. See also New Feature: Sub-Space roll up under Parent-Spaces



          One observation is that the discussion, documents or blogs tabs for that matter don't have any/their own descriptive text. The context is set entirely by the description of the space.