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    The one personal homepage/dashboard experience

      I'm really liking the Jive experience, but feel I want to stay on one page as my dashboard, just like Outlook. Instead it seems the personal dashboard in Jive is made up of many places. ie. the 3 What matters pages and the Browse pages...I feel I'm constantly jumping around, which I guess is in contrast to what I'm used to...so maybe it will just take time, which might make this post a bit premature.


      I'm also used to the boxy feel of Facebook, Google Plus, Socialcast, Yammer...so it's taking me a while to adjust to the big font and long width content, and the various expand, preview buttons


      Here's an example:

      In my Activity page I can filter to just see "status updates", but I'd really like to filter by other content types

      - my Profile page doesn't do it either

      - but if I want to filter my activity feed by blogs, discussions, places, etc...I have to leave and go to the Browse>Content page (But this is no help as Browse>Content does not filter content I follow, the word "following" is just post level stuff I follow)


      Another example:

      In my Activity page I often want to see just my status updates

      - but I can't I have to leave and go to my Profile page or the Browse>Content page


      There's nothing wrong with this and Jive has all the features, I just feel I'm jumping around a lot, I feel like I don't have the master dashboard page where I hang out just like Facebook...which in Jive would be the Activity page ie. I have a need, and I think now where do I go for that, which page is that on my profile, a browse page, my activity page

      1. I just wish I could browse recent content I follow by type within my Activity Page, and also content by me by content type
      2. I also like the idea for my Activity page to have a list of my places and friends on the sidebar
      3. And for the Activity page to display my content and to filter this by type


      NOTE: I only use Facebook as a comparison cause it's based on one homepage (the newsfeed), but Facebook does lack feature like searching content, I can't even browse my own content by object type


      Why not make Communications, and Actions a tab on the Activities page or a drop down filter on the Activities page....just thinking out loud


      In all everything is there, but I feel I need it in the one page experience.


      What do people think? Are people at your work used to the one inbox experience eg Outlook



      "3 Seashells" of Notification Management in Jive 5, Demystified! by Ryan Rutan of National Instruments

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          I wrote a doc to help me see the big picture I want to...

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            JT - I'm not sure I understand the distinction between having some things on the Activity page versus having Activites be a tab on your Profile page. Still two different pages....


            As for Outlook, I don't have a "single page" experience, because I have more than 1 inbox that i'm responsible for. And I need folders in which to organize things.


            I actually like having the separation:

            • I can go to the Comms page for the stuff I've decided is most important to me and am tracking. If I only have a little time, this is the one place I go.
            • I can go to the Activity page for stuff I am following, less important but still interesting. If I have more time, I check both this and the Comms page.
            • I only really need to visit the Notifications page if/when I have messages, so otherwise I don't bother with that page.
            • I really don't often need to see my own stuff, unless I'm vain and want to see how much it is being read/commented on/liked (or those stats are important for other reasons). Again, limited need, so I only visit when necessary.
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                Tracy - I guess I'm used to blogging on the web, so I'm always looking for stuff I read, found, conversed, wrote about...in order to write a piece.


                I also guess I'm used to the Facebook/Yammer/Socialcast/Newsgator/GooglePlus model where you have a homepage where you do everything from...rather than go to another page you just filter the stream...you're also one click away from your groups




                As for tabs rather than a new page, when you use tabs just the body of the page changes, everything around the page stays the same