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    Few questions - Jive 5

      I have few questions where I could not find the answers:


      1) Is there a limit to how many projects one can create in a group?

      2) Is there a limit to the number of announcements the admin can create? How many can be displayed simultaneously?

      3) How many admins could a group have?

      4) Could you transfer group ownership?

      5) Do admins have full content management rights within their group? For example, if I am group admin of Group A, can I edit/delete any content created in my group? Or is this solely a group owner right? Are group admins and group owners differentiated?

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          I think I can start to answer some of your questions. We just migrated to 5.0.1. from 4.5.6


          1. We don't use projects, so I don't know. I suspect there is no limit, based on my experience with Jive.

          2. I don't think there is a limit to the number of announcements the admin can create. I think only one shows with an arrow beside it so users can scroll through the others.

          3. You could make everyone in a group an admin if you like. I've done that before in earlier versions of Jive.

          4. Transferring group ownership is easy. I recommend that every group have more than one admin so that if one leaves, the other can designate a new admin.  (Do this under manage members).

          5. Group admins and group owners are the same. You can edit most content. I just checked and it appears you can edit most content except discussions. Those you can delete, lock, or move.  I think documents can be locked down by the author as well and I'm not sure if the group owner could override that.


          Good luck!

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              Old issue, I know, but it has come alive for me, and the answer was somewhat insufficient...


              Manas asked in question #4 if ownership could be transferred.  You answer halfway answered it Christine: While you can add new admins who then join the owners list, the original owner cannot leave the group!  I need to know how to get myself OUT of groups I create as an admin for other folks.


              I created a social Group called Animation Tools.  I then added Andy as an admin, thus he became an owner:

              Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 11.25.15 AM.png


              That is only the first step in transferring the ownership of the Group over to Andy.  Second step I cannot actuate is: I need to remove myself from the Group.  But, apparently I can't do that:

              Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 11.27.41 AM.png


              I need a way to transfer ownership as I cannot be an owner nor belong to all of the Groups I am in need of creating for our users.


              I will be opening a case.



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              ...and we found it:  The "Leave this group" button, which used to be inside the Actions widget in Jive 4.x has been moved outside that UI element in Jive 5.x, up to the top of the UI on the right hand side.  It's up there all by itself, so it was easily missed (I had been directed to use the "Leave this group" button in the Actions widget, but it was not there for me!).


              So, create the social group (which makes you the sole owner), then add other folks in as admin.  This will also make them co-owners.  You may then click the "Leave this group" button and you will be entirely removed from the group, thus transferring ownership over to your targeted folks.


              End of story.