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    Displaying other communities within Clearspace?




      I would have posted in a "thoughts for today" forum as displaying one forum (hosted on A) within another one (hosted on B) is usually impossible. So I'll write down just some ideas.

      For Openfire there's the "IM Gateway" which allows to connect via XMPP to AOL, ICQ, MSN, Y!, IRC, XMPP, ... This is not really a standard way to interconnect various IM gateways but it works.

      Clearspace(X) and the forum allows to export content as RSS feeds.


      So it could be nice to have an option within Clearspace to subscribe to an RSS feed of a random forum or community and display the content within Clearspace. So one could display the igniterealtime.org News here as some developers may be interested in open source news.


      With such an inclusion one can not yet login and reply to threads of the included forum, so it could be nice if every user could specify an account for every included forum (similar to the IM gateway where one needs to specify an account for every gateway one wants to use).



      One could make this a little bit harder by sharing the forum across both servers, there's a "Jive Lounge" at igniterealtime.org and a "Jivespace Lounge" here. I'm not sure it the format of the discussion threads is compatible, but if it is one should be able to merge both forums into one and include the "Jivespace Lounge" at igniterealtime.org and the "Jive Lounge" content here.