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    Power up pass for double points


      What are everyone's thoughts on having something like a random and limited time offer that would allow users to get double points for certain actions (correct answer, helpful answer, etc)?  I don’t know if this falls in the gamefication arena or not, but I was thinking of it like a “power up” to help motivate the less active users as well as further reward the very active users.  Jive would send out an e-mail pass to random users that they could cash in for one login session or multiple sessions that expire after so many days.  It would have to track the answers they gave during this special session to give the proper bonus points later if/when their posts are flagged as correct or helpful.  Would this be compromising the reward system?  Would this demotivate the users that don't get this random privilege?  This was just a random thought, and I wanted to get some feedback before making an idea out of it.