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    KnowledgeBase Migration



      I have a couple of things I would like to see in the form of a standalone tool or at least have methods available in the web services API so I can write my own migration tool.


      1. Be able to move documents + attachments and images one Category at a time to a Clearspace installation that is already in use rather than a new installation.

      2. Map KnowlegeBase users to Clearspace users. In my case, KB and Clearspace are not using the same LDAP directory so I have to be able to identify the same person in both directories.


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          hmm.. I am not sure if this will work since you are using two different LDAP instances. And since you you are not doing this on a clean install it is HIGHLY unsupported.



          but you could try this...


          Get the source build if you don't already have it. Edit KbImporter, remove the annotation @RequiresCleanInstall. Rebuild the war file and try using the kb importer.


          In the future you be able to specify the vm property -Dimporter.forceExistingIDs=true to override the @RequiresCleanInstall annotation without rebuilding.

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              I originally tried the kb importer on a clean installation but I ran into serveral problems. The attachements didn't transfer and all the document owners defaulted to "Guest". Unless I missed it, Clearspace does not have a way move Spaces from one installation to another. Also, you can't change the owner or author of a document. 



              I can see doing this with an intermediate clean Clearspace install. Use the KbImporter as is, fix the document owners manually and then exporting the Space to the production Clearspace install. So I guess I'm asking for two administrative features to be added: 1) change document owners and 2) XML export/import on a per Space basis.



              Does that sound reasonable? 






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                  I think that while you can't change the owner of a document you can add collaborators to the document which helps to a degree. I'll add this feature request to our queue.


                  Concerning the xml import/export I don't know if that is planned or not. I know that currently there are any number of ways to get content in/out of Clearspace using webservices.






                  Bruce Ritchie