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    "10 things to do in Jive 5" ?



      I remember a very useful blog post in Jive 5 Alpha preview community guiding through 10 first things to do to explore the new version. I could not find it here nor in Jive 5 User Training . Is it somewhere in the Jive Community?


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          John Schwiller

          Shared mine with 'local' links with you. Can't find the original source I took it from though

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            I would be interested in seeing this as well.  Anyway someone could post it to this discussion?

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                John Schwiller

                Jen have given you visibility.

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                    An here is the content I recompiled for our beta-testers (internal instance is called Weez) :


                    You are beta-testers for Weez' next version. These are 10 tips for starting your exploration.


                    1. Find your content , places or connections by browsing

                    Get used to to the "Browse" interface to quickly access the content you created, or participated in or have been following...  (you MUST try the "filter by text" option!)

                    Same with places : see how you can now differentiate the groups you own from the ones you are members of or even those you recently visited!

                    Appreciate also how you can now filter your bookmarks by tag, and again by text.


                    2. Visit your places and create content

                    Check that the widgets are correctly migrated and get used to the new design. Discover how to quickly browse and search content right inside the group or space.

                    Create a document and check the new Rich Text Editor improvements : see how you can drag and drop pictures in blogs or documents instead of inserting them (... when it works) and get used to the new table editor.

                    3. Check what is happening in "What Matters : Activity" What Matters Activity Icon.jpg

                    "All Activity" tab will tell you what is going on in Weez.

                    "Followed Activity" will show you what your connections are up to or what is happening in groups and places you are following.

                    • Discover how you can preview content, hide it, or like /comment /reply to... any piece of content directly from the Activity stream !
                    • And have you noticed the new kind of activity now traced in the platform? "Social news" or "Latest likes" let you know when members join groups or like content. And wait for your first "Latest acclaim", it is so good for your ego


                    4."Share" a piece of content with someone... or with a distribution list

                    Discover the "Share" feature, which replaces the "send as email" and applies to more objects (notably groups and projects!) Combined with "Labels", you can now easily share content with a group of people selected by you.

                    5. Become a convert of "What Matters Communications" interface

                    What Matters: Communications is your new Weez inbox.  Notice how you can be notified when someone comments on your work or when an announcement is made in one of your groups... without being spammed in your mailbox! And, yes, you can now trace the "shares" you have sent!

                    6. Make some Status Updates

                    Update your status to share short messages : you can even include #tags (#) or links (@).

                    7. Decide wether to "Follow" or "Track" what you are interested in

                    This is how you connect in to what is going on.In this version, you can either :- "follow" content, places or people whose activity will appear in your "Followed Activity" in What Matters Activity- or "track"  content, places or people that will appear in "What Matters Communications" so it is impossible for you to miss them.You can now set up your preferences to manage your email notifications accordingly.

                    8. Use @mention to efficiently reference people and places

                    Understand the power of @mentions to quickly and easily link to people, content or places.If you @mention someone, a new notification will appear in their "What Matters Communications" page : very efficient to get them in the conversation! And if you @mention a place : your message will also be displayed in the recent activity widget of the place!!

                    9. Test how Search works

                    Type your keyword into search:

                    • Do *not* press return - see how quick search results is a convenient route to people, content and places. --> nothing new!
                    • Press return to discover the new search interface. Advanced search options are ready to use and results come in different tabs : Content, People and Places.


                    10. Access Weez on your mobile

                    Use the mobile platform to keep updated even when you are on the go : you can check your followed Activity and Communications, but also easily post status updates or start discussions.


                    There are many other things to discover in this new version... like checking who is actually following your project or who are the administrators of a space (projects and spaces now have a "People tab"). Please continue this list with the new features you like most!