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    ProfileField class in edit-profile-rows.ftl


      I am trying to re-order the ways the fields display in the 'edit profile' section. I am using the 'description' attribute of the ProfileField class to store information about the ordering.



      I am getting an  error when accessing ${field.description} in edit-profile-rows.ftl. It looks like the 'field' variable is mapped to a ProfileField object, but the 'description' attribute is not defined.



      Am I interpreting the edit-profile-rows.ftl correctly?






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          You can also change the order of the profile fields within the admin console. Go to People -> Settings -> Profile Configuration click the order arrows to move up or down.  This will be a bit easier than doing it through the .ftl files.


          Is there a specific reason you need to do this through the ftl files?

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              I am adding new tabs to the profile bar such Personal, Organization and Professional. Each tab will have there own ProfileField inforamtion that is usng the ProfileField description field as a key to where the field should display. When they choose 'Edit Profile', the fields will be grouped accordingly.