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    Display Full List of Users & Groups in Session Permission Summary

      The list of users and groups in a space does not show in its sub-spaces. Instead the field shows as "No user permission" and "No group permission". In fact, the meaning of the messages is confusing. Unless you explicitly grant a new permission to the same user or group, it's hard to know what are the inherited users/groups and their permissions. This can cause a number of problems among which are:


      1. Security: An admin might forgot to explicitly disable certain permissions for a user/group inherited from the parents. This is a hard-to-spot mistake!

      2. Usability: It takes a person with superb memory to remember what the permissions are for multiple users and groups across a possibly long list of parent and grand parents. For an average person this missing feature would force him to jump between spaces and sub-spaces.


      This missing feature doesn't fall under a feature request to me, but is a must feature that Jive team might have overlooked.