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    Issues modifying existing user registeration process in ClearspaceX 1.4


      I have a requirement to modify the existing user registration process so that the validation request email gets sent to an internal user rather than the user themselves. The internal user will then determine whether to enable the user account or not. The welcome email will then get sent to the user if the internal user validates the user.



      I've found the current implemention of this functionality in the sendValidationRequest(User user) method in the com.jivesoftware.community.impl.RegistrationManagerImpl.java file (line 226).



      Is there a recommended way to extend this class with my own implementation of the sendValidationRequest() method and have it register with the JiveApplicationLifeCycle class? Or is there another/easier way of providing the same functionality?






      James B.









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          I have been looking at the source some more and I think I have found a solution to my own question.


          What I need to do (I think) is to create a plugin which defines a new 'account' action


          <action name="account" class="com.jivesoftware.community.action.CreateProfile">

          <result name="unavailable">/template/global/registration-unavailable.ftl</result>

          <result name="cancel" type="redirect">index.jspa</result>

          <result name="input">/template/global/create-profile.ftl</result>

          <result name="success" type="redirect">account-success.jspa</result>







          and uses an extended version of the CreateProfile class to call my modified sendValidationRequest(User user) method.





          If anyone things I'm on the wrong track let me know.









          James B.