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    Changing the value of "global.communities"





      I'm trying to change some of the default text used within ClearspaceX, for example, on the root community page, to change the "Communities" box heading to "Portal Areas".  I've found the appropriate line in /template/global/main.ftl



      <#macro communityList> <div id="jive-community-list" class="jive-content-block-container">     <h3><@ww.text name="global.communities" /></h3>     <div id="jive-community-list-padding" class="jive-content-block">     <#if (community.communityCount == 0) >



      Is there any way I can change the value of "global.communities" from within the Admin interface (perhaps via System Properties?), so I don't have to repeat this change across all FTL templates?



      Any help greatly appreciated!