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    New Feature Idea: 'Sudo' or 'On Behalf Of'


      It would be useful to enable administrators to create content on behalf of users. Such safeguards like email notification would apply and even displaying who did the creation/update on behalf of the 'logical' author. Actual impersonation using the person's logon is, of course, unacceptable.


      This would be particularly useful in the early days of adoption and porting valuable content. Lot's of valuable content and discussion may not be making it into Clearspace. A way for a facilitator to help with content would be invaluable in gaining and maintaining traction.


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      This requirement has come up several times internally - any interest elsewhere in the community?

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          Just a few days ago I created a doc and added the real authors as collaborators because

          they were afraid of screwing it up to start it.  it'd have

          been great to list one of them as the primary author, not me.



          Drupal has a (IIR) "masquerade" module for this purpose. Well, you can do things on behalf of somebody, but I've used it for is to test permissions, UI, etc. from the other persons view. I'm trying to coordinate with a user in Germany right now why he's getting a system error editing a document, and it would save me some time to 'become' him for a bit.



          This would be handy for both reasons.







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              Honestly, I'd kind of like to have this feature (keep in mind that I don't make these decisions)


              We see this with blog posts quite a bit.  We write all of the content for the bigger posts in our internal instance of Clearspace to get feedback from some other people before it goes live.  Once we do all of this, we sometimes want to have someone else load the content into the real blog - someone with some design skills to get the layout looking good if we want to do something more complex with images, for example.  It would be nice to have him load everything in at once under our name.

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              I'd also strongly advocate this feature. In our case, we import a lot of useful knowledge-base info from  different  systems and would like to  give the real author credit. For now, we just preface each post with "<username> said:"






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                hi Graham,


                This would be particularly useful in the early days of adoption and porting valuable content.

                yeah, and it's interesting because we definitely let you do this kind of thing at the API level if you have system admin permission. In fact, I bet there are a number of places in the core product where we import a document or publish a blog post using a system admin account and set the userID on the content before creating it in the system.  I guess the biggest question I'd have about this feature is this: how would it look? and where would you put it? I'm guessing it's not (at least it shouldn't be) an everyday thing. I'd definitely see it more as an import type thing like you mentioned. 


                It's also interesting in light of some other feedback I've heard from a large company: we recently added the ability for blog authors to edit comments that people put on their blogs so if you post something flammable on my blog, I've got the ability to either delete your comment or remove the offensive parts (this is pretty standard fare on the majority blogging systems I've worked with).  Same thing with space / community administrators and document comments.  The big company said that this was completely unacceptable and that they'd need to have an audit trail and that they didn't want anyone editing anyone else's comments.  How do you think this would fit in with the sudo mode?


                Thanks for bringing this up!





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                  If any of you are still interested, forgot to post that I created an idea for this here: Allow admins the ability to login 'On Behalf Of' other users