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    Widget Request: Tag Group Widget


      Flushed with the arrival of Widgets - how so does my beating heart ache for a Tag Group widget!


      Those of us who wish to use and mix structured spaces, tag groups, and free form link pages, the inclusion of a Tag Group Widget would be just great.  




      See - Enhancing the Prominence & Use of Tag Groups for further background.

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          Hey Magpie,


          We are currently in the process of evaluating tag groups and content organization in general, and we expect some changes to happen in the near future. This is the primary reason that we held off on creating a tag group widget, as we don't want to add additional confustion around tag groups until we get their existence sorted out.


          All that being said, how do you envision the tag group widget? Do you just want to see a list of tag groups (similar to the sub-communties widget), would you like the widget to show tag groups as well as content for the selected tag group, or would you like the tag groups to be bundled into the sub-communities widget, showing both together in a single hierarchy (with different icons of course).


          We should have some answers about the future of tag groups soon, and with those answers will likely come a tag group widget.



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            Is there any progress in this ?  We also want to have a widget that lists all documents that are linked to a given taggroup.  For example all 'change requests' or all 'meeting reports'.



            Another question: the widget allows to include documents from subspaces.  That is great.  However, in such case, I need in the list also the name of the subspace.  In each of our customer spaces, we have on a monthly basis a 'status report'.  I want to have an overview of all status reports for a given month, with indication of the sub-space name.