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    Congratulations - Customization & Widgets


      Deployed 1.6 today - I really like and appreciate the customization capability for spaces/communities using widgets.


      This will definitely help to give the spaces/communities personalities and flexibility. I guess this will provide a platform for more widgets and wider use e.g. the main entry page.




      How will the Add Widgets function work?




      I'll kick off the request list with Widget Request: Tag Group Widget  







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          I'm glad you like the space customization feature. We are excited about the level of personalization it will add to the product. In order to get the feature out quickly, we had to cut back on some of the functionality and documentation around creating custom widgets. For the time being, it is still possible to write a custom widget, and add it to the list of available widgets via the Widget Settings page in the admin console. You will just need to add in a jar containing your widget, and then point to the full class name of the widget in the Add Widget form in the admin console.


          If you have any questions just let us know.


          Thanks and enjoy!