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    Customize the Document Presenter.


      Hi, I am new here.



      I was trying to change the look and feel of a document page, all the other UI components are seems straightforward refering to certain FLT files in /themes/mytheme/.. But if I am going to remove the "subject", "create/modified date" and the bottom "tag" making it more like a regular webpage, where should I go into. By the look at +document.ftl*+, the following line: $ takes care all. How I am going to do that?



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          We actually just accomplished this in order to add a few drop-downs in the 'tags' section of the page. What we did was override the persenter templates that are used to build the $ portion of the page. The templates are here:






          Are you using the war distribution or building from source? We build from source, so we just had to place the overridden files in /custom/source/clearspace/com/jivesoftware/community/impl/template.



          Hope that helps.