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    Request - New "Link" Button Functionality in TinyMCE

    Ryan Rutan

      This is a very simple use-case request.  We'd like to suggest that there be a button/hotkey available such that when you highlight a section of text, it will auto-Wiki tag that word for linking.  For example, highlighting the "Phrase Link" would result in or open bracketPhrase Linkclose bracket.   Fortunately for us, if a person knows Wiki mark-up, they can just type it, and the link will appear correctly; however, for those unfamiliar with Wiki markup, this could be a very handy and useful exposed UI functionality.


      Thought I would throw this out there...any suggestions/ammendments?  Is this functionality already there, just dont see it perhaps?






      As a side comment, it would extremely nice if the Link would remain the Lookup by Name, rather than being converted into the Document ID equivalent after creation.  I understand both pro's and con's of this, but from a use-case perspective, I see more flexiblility in having name lookups rather than by ID.