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    Archiving an entire space


      My company is currently using clearspace as a collaboration tool for our project work.  So I have created top-level spaces for each client and then we create a subspace for each current project under the appropriate client.  Our current process when we close a project is to take all of the files for that project on our fileserver and archive them to backup disks and pull them from the server.  I am curious about similar functionality in clearspace.  I know it could be nice to keep all of our spaces online for reference, but i'm anticipating the number of spaces and the size of the database getting pretty large at some point in the future and would like to plan ahead for how to archive this stuff when necessary.


      Is there a way to do this in the current version (we have 1.6 installed) that i'm missing?  Or is this potentially a new feature request?   Or does anybody have any ideas on another way of approaching this that i'm not thinking of? 



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          We currently do not support any form of export/archive, though there are plans to do this. We wish to make it easy to both import and export clearspace data in different formats. When this complete, I imagine it will be available at both the space and global levels.


          It is possible to now to write custom export tools via the plugin framework. I can go into more detail if desired.

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              Thanks for the response.  This answers my question for now.  I had not considered writing a custom tool, but thats a good idea.  For now, since we don't have an immediate need, we'll probably just wait for the new import/export features.  I might be back to ask more questions if we decide to go down the custom tool path 



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                  Ryan Rutan


                  On this note, one of the ideas I was considering for such a "custom" tool (primarily archival focused not backup)...but was to go through the community, capturing all content (blogs/wikis/discussion threads) and exporting them to PDF with a naming convention, and then indexing them with our enterprise search engine so the content would be available.  In some cases, I might export the documents off to PDF and re-import as a Wiki Document for related areas...but this was a way that we felt that we could retain the data, still allow it to be accessed, and save the Database some resources.



                  Once this data was exported, we would initiate the purge-routine.  Are there any flaws to this idea?  Only thing I could think of would be content owners may no longer see the documents under "their view"...but the type of communities we see this happening to...wouldn't make that a big deal.  This was envisioned for ClearspaceX moreso than Clearspace, in case there is a distinction to be made.



                  Just thought I'd put my 2 cents out there...