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    redirect when move community


      In the lifetime of the site, one may need to reorganize communities/spaces.



      e.g. community/usergroup/boston -->  usergroup/eastcoast/boston --> usergroup/MA/boston



      It would be great in the admin screens when you moved a community, you got the option to redirect the old path to the new URL. Right now I have to put it in my Apache redirects.



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          Ryan Rutan


          I would second this requirement.  As the site grows, the use of the "merge communities" feature will most definitely increase...leaving us to maintain a laundry list of URLs.  There may be some more requirements definition to be gathered around this...for example...what if a document is deleted or removed all together, how is that different than a community being moved...



          Also, this goes into a previous post I had regarding the DocServlet.  Any reason why doc resolution is converted to DOC-ID rather than communityId + Title?  From the use-cases being presented to me from my end-users, I see resolution by name being the more dominant use-case.  This is in regards to the UI changing Wiki links to DOC-ID if they are found.



          These are great points...thanks for posting them..