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    mobile / low-fi version?


      Can you have two theme for the same content in Clearspace? Put another way, has anybody ever thought about a mobile or low-fi version of clearspace?



      Between Clearspace's javascript, our header javascript, hit tracking, dynamic widgets, etc., we have a pretty heavy site. It'd be great to have a low-fi version for mobile browsers or old skool types who have no love for the js.



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          We are insterested in this possibility too. Is there something we can do about this point?



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            I'm here with you on this one. Mobile support is going to be key in the future.  I may ask the question when I'm at my computer but I don't want to be tethered to it for the answer. If I'm out and about I want to be able to be live on the site and provide a response. I consumer cannot mark a response as the correct or helpful answer via mobile email response. This hits the metrics hard.  We're looking for badge answers confirming that a resolution has been provided. If they get their response via mobile email and then go on their merry way we have an unanswered question just sitting there. If someone spends the time to respond and ask them to badge it as answered it might inflate the number of responses needed to get a resolution.


            Are you thinking Smartphones?


            Windows Mobile (Smartphone and PocketPC)




            Or any WAP enabled device?