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    User-friendly archives


      There is a thread archiving function built into Clearspace. Since it exists, it'd be nice to have a full solution - a community used as a read-only archive should announce itself to the end users much more visibly. 


      What we have to do now:

      • we turn on archives for most popular communities.  We have to remember to turn on archiving and create a new community.

      • In the archive community, we turn off posting permissions, because nobody is going to go there and see if a random sent-by-Google person has responded to a thread.

      • For guests, in the vanilla CSx, they see a start a discussion link, although when they log in, it goes away.

      • If they look closely, they see that we have "Archive" in all the breadcrumb community names


      What we're going to do:

      • We plan to manually put a box up there on the community and the thread telling them where the live community is.

      • Still I'm going to get all sorts of support emails about why somebody can't respond to a thread they found in Google.

      • We're also raising our archive date to at least a year because 6 months was too soon -- relevant threads were being sent to the archives

      • Once we get our themes working right, I guess we map a big red warning to every community under "archives" -- however, this doesn't help us with threads



      But still, I wonder if archiving is worth the pain right now. It's a lot of manual steps for us and confuses users, especially if they are newbies coming in from Google. I guess it keeps internal searches a bit more on target.


      What I'd like to see:


      A switch you can throw on an archive destination that


      1. puts up in big red letters to the user that this community and thread is locked

        1. at the community level I guess we can do it with themes, but my suggestion is to reduce the manual steps required

        2. especially at the thread level, because I can't do this with a theme and this is where people come in from Google. Hm, i guess if you locked each thread automatically, that'd work.

      2. takes care of permissions and the action box

      3. points them to the live community if there is one (and there isn't always -- sometimes you might merge multiple live communities into one archive, or we also have communities that have no current equivalent.)