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    RSS Failing on Home Page

      Just installed the 5 user version on my Macbook Pro (named jjsmacpro, 3 gigs, 10.4.10) accepting most of the defaults.


      I created a new user and logged in as that user. So far so good.


      Safari notifies me that the home page: http://jjsmacpro:8080/clearspace/index.jspa has an RSS feed in the url bar.


      If I click the RSS badge, I get the error:


      The page you opened redirected you to a page that isn’t supported by Safari.

      Safari can’t open the page “jjsmacpro:8080/clearspace/community/feeds/allcontent?communityID=1” because it cannot redirect to locations starting with “jjsmacpro:”.


      Is this to be expected? I have not yet added any content to the site as user jjs.


      Any advice appreciated.



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          What is the value of your jiveURL? This can be seen on the System Properties tab in the admin console. If the value doesn't have an http in front it should.

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            I went to the hosted demo clearspace and logged in as user Winston.


            This works. In Safari, I again see that the home page has an RSS feed.


            If I click the RSS badge, I see a user/password challenge for accessing the feed.


            Of course, I do not know the demo account user name and password.


            So on my own installed version, something is wrong because I do not see the authorization dialog pop up.


            This could be some Safari security interaction at work. I am using a Safari beta (3.0.3).


            I guess I should try with Firefox but I really like the way Safari integrates RSS into the normal browsing experience.


            I added my own user name into the hosted demo site, logging in as that user. I then clicked the RSS badge in Safari, I get challenged for a user name and password ("sent in the clear") and voila, I can see the RSS feed from the space top-level.


            So this at least works in this manner. Not sure yet why my own locally installed version does not work.


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                Following up my own posts.


                The RSS access works from Firefox on my Mac on my locally mac-hosted version.


                It does not work with Safari. I discovered that I can get around the first error message by manually correcting the url in the url entry bar to include the missing http:// prefix. Then I get the user name and password challenge dialog. But then, upon completing the entry of name and password, I once again get the pesky warning about not able to access my host -- the http:// is stripped again. I should be getting an feed:// type url. Maybe I should try that correction?


                In fact, on the clearspace hosted site, the working feed url is: feed://eval.jivesoftware.com/clearspace/community/feeds/allcontent?communityID=1


                Can anyone from Jive try this out on a fresh install of 1.6 using Safari to try and access the RSS feed for the main page?


                I bet this is a Safari issue that perhaps can be worked around.