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    Email notification digests





      Could I request a feature that would enable users to change email notifications from instantaneous to either a daily or weekly digest?  For high-volume sites we would anticipate a high number of emails which would be unacceptable to some of our users.



      Alternatively, if there is a method already to enable this, I would love to hear about it!







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          hi Matt,


          We've gone back and forth on email digests a couple times. The Jive Forums product does have email digests: the problem with them is that for the very same reason that you want them (high traffic email lists), it burdens the server to send and create an email with potentially hundreds of messages for every user that wants to receive a digest, for every space / community they want to receive a digest from.  A couple other things:


          a) it seems like something that can easily be done with a filter / rule in an email client (automatically archive / filter an emails that match the signature of a given community into a folder and read them once  week)


          b) our email integration (reply to a thread) works by embedding a unique key in the subject of an email, but if all the messages are in a single email, there's no way to reuse that unique token again and again, so email integration is effectively neutered.


          c) at the risk of sounding like a nerd or like I'm sitting in an ivory tower, RSS / Atom was made for this kind of thing.





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              RSS was made for this but we have to consider human behaviour and habits.  Many of our users are middle aged and don't even know what RSS is.  Because they are all at different sites, getting them to even use The Link is more of a challenge as well.  We want them to leave their email notifications on so a daily digest would be less onerous for some (I wouldn't want weekly though -- too long).

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                  Not to flog a dead post, but I think the question of email digests deserves re-examination. It's very true that many users don't have any idea how to use email filters or RSS to aggregate content; we have to remember that Jive's products are designed to be Enterprise class solutions. That means that the typical Clearspace or Clearspace Community user isn't going to be the same as the typical Jive staff member in terms of his / her general level of skill and interest in implementing customized solutions.


                  My point is this: if it's something that Jive has discussed repeatedly, that probably means that it's a good idea for an optional admin feature. Allowing admins the ability to set up digested email summaries would dramatically decrease the amount of messages received by Clearspace (it's one of our most often-received complaints about the software).


                  Telling moderators and adminstrators that the best way to implement a desired feature is to encourage a client-side solution isn't really in the spirit of Jive's "one-stop," "ubiquitous" presentation of what Clearspace is supposed to be. Creating a redundant workload that could be mitigated through a server-side implementation is clearly a more attractive prospect for admins than educating their users on how to implement custom email filters (very complex considering the wealth of different email clients on the market today) or load RSS feeds into their RSS reader (a fairly complicated task on Vista machines, the last time I checked, as each browser maintains a separate storage mechanism for RSS).


                  So how about it? Returning to the topic almost a year later, is there any chance of Jive considering implementing an email digest feature?

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                      Hi robbono,


                      Flog away, it's a great topic.


                      Yes, the idea of adding digest email capabilities to Clearspace and Clearspace Community comes up regularly and I expect us to implement it in the future. It won't be in the next release, but will be under consideration for future releases.


                      Thanks for bringing it up,


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                          Time to flog again.


                          I'm involved with bringing a couple of established communities (150,000+ registered users) together in a new Jive Clearspace instance. And they are beating me up over the loss of two very big/important forum features--NNTP integration (not a gateway, but something totally integrated that shares the database so we can do message management with editing and deleting and authenticating, etc.) and Email Digests. Not everyone wants a ping on every message posted, but they do want a summary. We're a moderatly active community, getting around 3000 messages posted per day.


                          I did suggest looking at RSS feeds, but here is a reply from a heavy-duty user:


                          I currently have RSS setup and have over 4000 posts waiting for me to look at them.  It just doesn't work very well because you can't see the per-day aggregation by thread which significantly reduces the number of items to look at, it requires you to be much more active at reading posts, and even though it only adds a few seconds per post, it take a 3 minute task and makes it a 20 minute task which causes me to put off doing it.


                          Thanks for continuing to look at this option!


                          In the meantime, does anyone here use or know of an RSS aggregator that might be able to provide the summaries?




                          John Cornicello

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                              All -


                              Another related issue is that, as I understand it, Jive email notifications cannot be configured to contain the full text of the posts.


                              This is a big problem; my company just rolled out a Jive installation for our 90,000 employees, and I'm trying to evangelize using it for the private (to the group) communications of a geographically dispersed committee.  I was shocked to learn that Jive doesn't provide something so basic as allowing the user to configure it to send the full messages when posted.  For a relatively low traffic group, this is the ideal configuration, the best of both worlds -- immediate real time communication and history/searchability.  I would have expected a commercial product like Jive to be at least as functional as a Yahoo Groups or a Google Groups in this respect -- or am I misunderstanding its intended use?


                              Without this feature, I will be less persuasive and the voices advocating using regular email instead of Jive may win out.


                              - Keith Bennett

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                                  Hi Keith,


                                  Email digests are perhaps not configurable to include full text. However, that is not their purpose. Email digests are intended as digests.


                                  Users CAN opt to get full text email notifications when new content is posted in a specific area, or if updates are made to an existing document they are “watching”.


                                  Not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish, but I would assume a combination of these two types of notifications would suffice for what you have described.

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                                      Thanks for responding.  I was not referring to digests, but to real time delivery of individual messages.  I'm sorry if that wasn't clear; it is not included in the subject of this thread, but I thought it was related enough to mention here.


                                      If I understood her correctly, my company's Jive support person told me that it was not possible to have the full content of the message in the email notification in all cases.  She said that the email notification contains "usually just the link unless its a message sent directly to youu from c3 then words and a url link".  Is this not correct?


                                      It sounds like you're saying that a user can tag a thread to receive full text posts real time as email messages?  That would be great.


                                      Sorry, I'm a newbie with this stuff.



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                                          It does depend on the content. I don’t work for Jive, and so my explanation may not be exact, but this is what I’ve seen:


                                          ·         For documents, the entire document will be shown in the email sent. Unless it is just a comment made in the comments section, and then it is just the comment that is sent.


                                          ·         For discussions, it is just the most recent post that is sent.


                                          ·         For blog posts, the entire post is sent; again, unless it is a comment on the post, and then just the comment is sent


                                          This is honestly the behavior I would expect, and it works out well. With discussion threads, you are getting the emails because you follow that area, in which case you’ve seen each comment in succession; or because you commented directly on the post, in which case you’ve read the rest of the discussion. So just seeing the latest comment makes a lot of sense.


                                          I hope this helps.