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    Thank You!


      Thanks again to everyone who could join us at the customer dinners on the 2nd and 3rd. It was a lot of fun and really very educational for the entire Jive team.



      It seems a lot of great connections were made and ideas traded, so I hope you all found it valuable.



      We hope to have another one in several months and look forward to learning more from you via this community in the interim. 



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          Dennis and Jivers,



          No.  Thank you.  That was a great gathering.  I met a bunch of like-minded folks, had some great drinks and a good steak.  Always a good thing to get conversation going.  I met my own Cisco colleagues - Molly and Jeannette, Oracle, NetApps, Brocade and NetFlix people.  We have to get together on a regular basis.  Maybe quarterly.



          A great vendor with a cool product naturally attracts the kind of enthusiasm we witnessed last night.






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            Ditto..thanks to everyone for putting on the event last night.



            Enjoyed meeting the other users and hearing the ways Jive is being implemented.






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              Hi Dennis, et al.



              I had a great time and a great meal ... doesn't get much better than that.



              Thank you to everyone at Jive and to the nice folks I met at the gathering.









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                I think Steve really said it better than I could!  It just really was a fun and valuable event , so nice to meet everyone, share ideas and experiences and I am already looking forward to another one!






                One idea that came to mind was that maybe we could post a list of how the differnt folks are using the different Jive products.  There was such a wealth of information that I wasn't able to retain it all.