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    Employee photos - What is happening at your company?

      Site security and HR have began discussing with me about the lagal issues that might exist with posting photos of employees. Our company has a camera and photo policy already in place. Any camera used on company property or at company functions and it's operator must have a permit. Employes who are visible in the photo must sign a waiver. I proposed that since employees are posting their own photo, they were implying permission. HR appears to agree with me on this.  We may need to revise our camera and photo policy, but hey it's probably time.  Anyone face this type of issue at your business? Would love to hear your lessons learned.



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          Very similar here.  We had to convince them that voluntary participation or voluntary adding of information implied approval to use. This also came in when we talked about Privacy Information.  We tried putting the picture up, but had to go with a volunteered picture, which HR & Legal accepted as volunteer=OK to use.

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            We have similar guidelines about the use of cameras in some of our spaces.


            We established guidelines for photos and avatars in the beginning. They were consistent with the overall tone that the internal community is a professional community and the photos should support that.


            For profiles and avatars, our legal team was a little more concerned about misrepresentation, so the photos must be of the actual employee and be appropriate for work. Our communications will send a polite reminder if they spot a photo or avatar that doesn't meet the guidelines and that has been sufficient so far. Our policy also states that the photos are optional, so this also seems to head off potential issues.


            Our biggest lesson learned is plain language guidelines are a best practice. Our few pages of policy/guidelines attempt to explain in plain English what is expected.

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              I thought I would follow up on this thread. We have been discussing how to manage photos being used on various socialized tools (e.g. Outlook, SharePoint and Jive).  The official guidelines are still being written, but here are a few notes from the discussions:


              • Employees may use their official badge photo, but they will need to "opt in" and request that the photo be formatted and made avialable for use.
              • Employees may use their own photos, but they must follow current company policy
                • No unauthorized cameras are allowed on company property.
                • Be aware of what is in the background of the photo being taken. In other words, watch for proprietary or classified information.
              • Employees may bring photos from home.
                • Photos should be head shots shoulders and above and the face must be clearly seen (for Outlook and SharePoint)
                • Other photos are permitted on the Jive platform, however, the persons face must be visibile.


              As I said, we are still refining the guidelines.  When we get them finished, I will post here.



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                Would you be able to share your guidelines about photos? We just launched our Jive instance and have seen people post their families, pets and other "non-business" photos as their primary photo. We would like to encourage them to use a business-appropriate, professional photo as their Primary and as their avatar.


                Also, has anyone removed the out-of-the-box avatars completely? We really want to help employees find each other easily so we're considering taking away any other options for avatars other than the photos they upload.



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                    We removed the OOTB avatars in our internal collaboration instance - we kept only blue and pink generic avatars for those who are not comfortable with uploading a photo. To remind users, I added a note to the Upload photo/avatar page stating:


                    Note: If you upload a photo as your Primary Profile Photo or Avatar, use a REAL photo of yourself. Ensure your face is visible in the photo and that all photos uploaded are appropriate for the workplace.


                    We allow the other types of photos - families, pets, etc in the additional 3 photo spots. The following are our "rules" about photos:


                    Profile Photo and Avatar


                    a) Primary Profile Photo - is a visual identifier of users in the Browse People section and in People searches. This is also the main, or "primary" photo displayed on a user's profile page.

                    • If you upload a Primary Profile Photo, you must use a real photo of yourself that is suitable for purposes of physical identification.

                    • You can upload three additional Profile Photos to a maximum of four to your profile page. The subject of the other three photos can be of your choosing.

                    • When editing your profile photos, the Primary Profile Photo is always located in the top left.

                    • Ensure that all photos uploaded are appropriate for the workplace.

                    • If you choose not to upload a photo, the default will be used.


                    b) Avatar - represents a user in The Courtyard and is displayed with their contributions in lists of content, and in the content itself. Avatars are a way for users to make their participation in the community more personal.

                    • If you upload a photo to use as your avatar, you must use a real photo of yourself that is suitable for purposes of physical identification.

                    • If you choose not to upload a photo, you have the choice of selecting one of two pre-loaded images to use as your avatar.



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                      NASA's policy: Be appropriate.


                      That's it.  If they want to put up a picture or avatar of a pet, go for it.  These usually reflect their personalities, interests or something else about them.  Although real pictures of each person is encouraged, there wasn't a feeling that it should be mandated.

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                      This is what we ended up posting, which I really liked.


                      Selecting business-appropriate photos for your profile 

                      Your primary photo and avatar should feature a business (professional) photo of...YOU.

                      This can be a traditional head shot or a photo taken with your phone or a webcam at work. We just want to see a relatively recent version of your smiling* face.



                      Don't get us wrong. We love babies almost as much as we love kittens, but we really want to see you. Group photos should not be included as your primary photo since it will be hard to tell who you are.


                      Your profile page allows for up to four photos, so additional photos featuring you with your family or on adventures are welcome. After all, the purpose of your profile is to help others learn who you are and what you're all about. Use your own good judgement regarding what is appropriate at work. Consider First American's dress code and code of conduct, and don't include photos wearing (or doing) anything you wouldn't while at work.


                      An avatar is a representative image that helps others identify you. We recommend that you use your own image for the avatar instead of a system image. This will allow the image to be unique to you. When you upload a new photo you have the opportunity to make that photo your avatar. Learn How To: Upload a Photo and Choose an Avatar.

                      * Smiling is optional.

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                        From our Legal-approved terms of use (for an internal employee community)


                        User-uploaded profile photos must be suitable for business use and effective for purposes of physical identification. Use of cartoons, animated images, or other copyrighted works for avatars is not appropriate (photographs are recommended for avatar personalization).