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    Blog Permissions

      Is there a way to set blog permissions by community - similar to how you set up other community permissions (create comment, create document, etc)?

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          Yes you can set up blog permissions in the same way as spaces. However, navigating to the screens that enable you do this is not obvious i.e. not in the left hand menu system


          Navigate to a Group Blog instance. Group Blogs > Edit Symbol.


          Right under the header for the Group Blog instance is the following line. 


          Set the name, address and authors of the community blog below.

          Edit Blog Permissions


          Selecting the Edit Blog Permissions will expose the familiar permissions setting pages, but for blogs.


          I've found it tedious to mirror my space settings, it would be better to elect to apply the same permission schema to both spaces and blogs, or allow them, as now to be orthogonal.

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            A similar discussion is going on in this thread: http://www.jivesoftware.com/community/thread/14131