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    Can't create a new document in ClearspaceX 1.6





      We just upgraded to ClearspaceX 1.6.



      When I try to create a new document, my documents lose all the formatting. It does not matter whether I use Rich Text or Wiki markup. Only thing that is saved is the plain text. All my markup, spacing, line breaks  shows up as plain text.






      We are going live with ClearspaceX next week and can;t wait for 1.7 release,  please provide a patch as soon as you can.






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          hi vijay,


          Can you provide a couple more details about your environment? What operating system did you deploy on? What database server are you using? Have you tried creating a document with a couple different browsers (IE6 / IE7 / Firefox)?  Have you set any custom system properties?  Are there any errors in the log files in jiveHome/logs? 





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              The problem is not that I can't create a new document, it is the formatting that is not rendered.



              In the Rich Text tab:



              I  click on the table tool and create a table.



              but it is rendered as: 



              <table border="1" class="jive-wiki-table"> <tbody> <tr>

              <td> Hello</td> <td>World </td> </tr> <tr>

              <td> Vijay</td> <td> Kumar</td> </tr>

              </tbody> </table>



              instead of actullay rendering a table.



              However, the rendering of h1 - h6 headings and bold, italic, etc works fine.



              I used to be able to render a table in 1.5