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    Improving standard search


      I'd like to re-open discussion around improving the behavior of the standard search feature. 



      Currently, standard search defaults to all communities regardless of where the user happens to be within Clearspace.  This is undesireable as most users have already "self-segmented" their interest to a sub-set of Clearspace content through their navigation prior to using search.  The expected behavior is that search will limit results to only the current space and children of that space, which I believe is how search in Jive Forums works today.




      Asking users to click through to advanced search, then select multiple communities (parent + children), to replicate the above functionality is too laborous on them.  If a user wants to use the standard search to sort through all content they can logically return to the home page and execute from there.




      We are constantly hearing this feedback from our users.  Perhaps we can slip this gem into 1.7...