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    How are you using / planning to use Jive?


      Hello!  During our dinner, I spoke to a lot of people that night and heard some great thoughts, so much so that I wasn't able to recall everyting discussed. Thought it might be helpful to more than just me, if we posted about how we are currently using or are thinking about using in the future, Jive products.



      My team is currently using the Jive Discussion Forums for a Beta rollout to the internal company community to begin fostering collaboration. So far the feedback has been really positive.  Longer term, in conjunction with other internal teams, we are looking at how Clearspace might fit in with our long term goals and objectives for a web 2.0 enabled intranet that integrates well with other plans and applications. Because of my role, I am really only internally focused, but obviously can see benfits for external uses as well.