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    Widget customisation ?


      In the widgets that show the overview of recent documents, we want to:


      • remove the 'rating' column and add the name of the 'sub-space'

      • be able to sort by document name as the default presentation


      Is this possible ?






      Marc Vermeulen




        • Re: Widget customisation ?

          hi Marc,


          The first part (removing the 'rating' column and adding the name of the sub-space) would be easy to do if you have access to the source build. The file that renders that information is in WEB-INF/classes/template/widget/recent-documents.ftl.  I'd say that you could do that change using themes, but I don't know if widgets honor theme settings. I'll have to check on that.


          The second part would require a change to the widget itself, which again, if you had the source build, you could do. The class in question is com.jivesoftware.community.widget.impl.RecentDocumentsWidget.