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    Will Clearspace X evolve to be more like Facebook?





      Will users be able to add each other as friends?



      Will we be able to map relationships like Linkedin?






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          We are trying for this too, I think this is CSX 2.1 but could be wrong (and ready to be corrected)... it would be the killer feature in switching business folks onto CSX.

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            It would also be great if CSX could recommend people for me to "friend", or "frolleague" based on who we have friended in common, our proximity within the organizational hierachy, if we've commented on the same blogs/discussions/documents, contributed in the same communities, downloaded same documents, etc...


            Maybe show me a person's pic/avatar, then give me something to click or hover over that lists all the public points where we intersect or connect to one another. Perhaps assign a "connectedness" rating to it as well. For example, I log in, and I see a widget - "Would you like to connect?" - that displays a person I should be connected to, but I'm not. I click something or hover something, and I get a pop-up of all the public data that we have in common. (IBM Research is working on something like this, but it makes sense that this kind of feature should be common in all social software solutions, IMO.)


            Ooo, even better: show me people who are statistically "different" than me (opposite of the above paragraph), who perhaps could give me a completely different point of view on something. Research (I'd cite it, but don't have time to find it at the moment) tells us that folks tend to come up with more innovative ideas when they collaborate with people who have different backgrounds, different experiences. These folks are usually in completely different parts of an organization, and are tucked away so far from us that we would never stumble upon them ourselves.



            And, just to extend this idea even further, check out Dave Hersh's idea on my blog... very cool!

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                A “connectedness”

                rating would be great, seeing what you have in common.



                We are

                looking at using Celarspace X for ad hoc collaborative projects where you could

                pull together people with the right skills and ideas. This would be a nice feature

                to find the right people to help you out.









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                    We are looking at using Clearspace X for ad hoc collaborative projects

                    You should check out the 2.0 beta, projects are turned off by default for ClearspaceX but you can turn them on and then give your users the ability to create projects.





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                        Hi AJ,






                        We have had our eye on the projects feature for awhile now. A great addition to this would be granulated permissions so you could define users more.



                        We were hoping for Three levels of Projetcs:



                        Public (as it is already, everyone has access to the project)




                        Semi-Private (would have a Public and private side) (documents, discussions,

                        blogs etc can only be seen by people who have joined the project (throught a

                        signup form and authorised by the owner), the project has a public blog and can

                        release public documents, project can be found through a search and is listed

                        with other projects)



                        Private (only people who are specifically invited can join, project does not

                        show up in searches and is not listed - these projects can release their

                        findings afterwards if required)






                        How we would like to permission Projects: Each Project would have an owner. This Owner would be able to add and remove people to his project. He would be able to assign permissions to members of his project like reader, editor, publisher etc, ideally like the permissions you can do with Vanilla: http://getvanilla.com/ (its open source!!) So you could create rolls and add levels of permissions.



                        Any file, discussion, announcement, etc created in a Project stays within that project. Project Owners can move files, content etc.



                        I'll stop there!!....






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                            I would love to have projects that functioned like this! Projects that are contained within a department are fine that everyone in the space can see them. It so nice and easy to segment departments into spaces based on the pre established groupings in active directory and everything is happy until the topic of cross-department projects AHHH!!!! The permissions model jut becomes too big of a nightmare to think about controlling the show fom the admin slot. I've thought about just making all projects open, you know the whole kumbaya the mre minds the better theory, but for certain projects (and users) this just isn't appropriate. User controlled permissions to the project would be ideal. What I'd really like to be able to do is make a space where any of my users can go in and make a project and have that project be locked down to just them. Then give them a way to invite people to collaborate on that project which gives those people access.

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                                We will be using Clearspace x as for external facing collaborative ad hoc projects so we

                                are looking to make it as self sufficient as possible.






                                We use IBM Quickr 8.0 internally and that’s a very much set it up and let the users run

                                with it. You can give a user permission over a space / site and they manage it







                                We are hoping to do that with CSX if we can get the permissions sorted out.






                                We are looking at the way people join or are invited to projects as well. Ideally a

                                user set up a project say to design a new water pump…. So he does a search for

                                engineers etc in that field and invites them in. so a team can be put together

                                by searching peoples profiles for experience / skills.



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                                Ryan Rutan

                                I as well would like to see this level of granularity, even for Spaces/Communities.  Being able to make the Community visible, and requesting to be added would be great for many internal and external use-cases.  Fishing for participants is always a big element from our perspective....awareness is expensive...self-discovery is ideal in every respect. =)

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                          In addition to the ability to add friends, I'd be happy with a) the ability to schedule "Events" and add people b) the ability to set a status updates