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    Problems retrieving community data from the forums service



      I have an interesting problem with the following symptoms:


      I can successfully call (forumService).getPopularThreads() and retrieve data, but what I really want to be able to do is get the popular threads given a specific community id.  I see the method: (forumService).getPopularThreadsByCommunityId ( long communityId ), which of course sounds like what I need. Taking my exact communityId, 2006, retrieved from the call to getPopularThreads() and calling getPopularThreadsByCommunityId(2006), I get the error attached to this post: "ActivityManager is either not initialized or is disabled". 


      What I have verified/discovered:

          - ForumServiceImpl.getPopularThreads() uses ctx.getForumManager()

          - ForumServiceImpl.getPopularThreadsByCommunityID(commId) uses ctx.getCommunityManager()

          - ForumServiceImpl.getMessageCountByCommunityId(2006) uses ctx.getCommunityManager() and does not error on ActivityManager, but does return  0, when I know it's more than 0, so the count is wrong but it does return a count


      Any ideas?