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    JSME Feedback?

      Hello fellow Community Managers:


      It was such a pleasure to meet many of you at JiveWorld last week. What a blast! Thanks so much to everyone who had a hand at pulling this excellent adventure together. It was very well executed.


      I am looking for customer feedback for those of you who have implemented Jive Social Media Engagement (JSME) tool. As you all recall, they did announce that we will be given some access to a version of this tool, but as it turns out not the entire functionality (for example, I heard that sentiment tracking will not be included and you will be limited to three search queries).


      For those who have the full version:


      - What do you like best?

      - Any problems/bugs?

      - Has it helped you to integrate your company's social media presence across your internal community?

      - Knowing what you know now after using the features, would you still sign up for this tool again?


      I would love to hear more about your experience: the good, the bad & the ugly.




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          John Schwiller

          Sorry we didn't meet-up


          The only issue I have with JSME at the moment is, I understand, a known bug and awaiting a fix. This is that when you select a hit to publish to a container the dialogue opens at the top of the hits page rather than at your current location, so you have to scroll up to get to the dialogue.

          Replacing Emoji...