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    What is the reason for creating connections?


      This might sound like a strange question but bear with me. 


      If the reason for having connections is to be able to more easily follow the content that is of interest to me, I don't get it.  To follow content of interest, I become a member of a group that addresses that subject and then track that on my Your View (V 4.5.6).  I can also follow a tag.  Connecting to a person to follow their content only then makes sense if they are someone outside my normal circle who maynot always be talking about subjects that I am following, but that I wish to track anyway.  Useful but probably releatively rare.  USefull for following my boss, etc. 


      Another possible reason for having connections is to show other users of Jive who I am connected to so that they get a better understanding of who I am and perhaps so that they trust me more through my connections. 


      I'm asking because (a) I don't tend to use connections personally, and (b) I want to know what to advise to new users.