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    Advanced Search for tags





      what about including the option to only search for tags in the advanced search?












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          I take everything back! I discovered the "Browse all tags"-Feature...



          I'm sorry!



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              It's not really the same thing though, what I really want is to narrow the search based on several tags. Let's say "video" and "blue". Right now it seems I can only narrow on one, partially because its embedded into the URL rather than a parameter (which is kind of weird to me). The browse tags is just a way of walking that hierarchy, its not really search.



              I had expected search would have a way to use tags in in addition to just normal text. Perhaps something like "tag:video tag:blue".



              Is there soem other way to do this I am missing?









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              I'm not sure if this was added in some recent version of Jive but if you want to search for posts, documents, discussions, etc. that have one or more tags just go here:



              Then type in a tag, hit comma, then wait a few seconds.  It should show a list of results.

              type in another tag, hit command, then wait.  It would then only show things with both of those tags.


              This works for most (all?) jive based websites.  Just add the /tags to the end of the top level URL and you're good to go!