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    Restrict Registration to group emails

      Is there an option in the System Admin Console to


      restrict user registration in communities



      to certain email addresses eg. ending with gmail.com

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          No, however this would be a rather easy customization. I can help you with the correct integration points if you would like.

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            Sorry I tried doing a post via email, it looks it failed for some reason. I am posting again:


            Either by creating a new plugin or using the source build:


            • Extend com.jivesoftware.community.action.CreateProfile

            • Override the validate method

            public void validate() {
              if (getEmail() != null && !getEmail().contains("gmail.com")) {


            • If you are using a plugin add the following to your xwork-plugin, if you are using the source build

            add it to the xwork-custom-actions.xml

             <package name="myactions" namespace="" extends="community-actions">
                  <action name="account" class="com.example.MyCreateProfileAction">
                       <result name="unavailable">/template/global/registration-unavailable.ftl</result>
                       <result name="cancel" type="redirect">index.jspa</result>
                       <result name="input">/template/global/create-profile.ftl</result>
                       <result name="success" type="redirect">account-success.jspa</result>


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                Ryan Rutan





                Do you add this to the xwork-community-custom.xml or xwork-custom-actions.xml?  I see both the XML files in the distribution, but only see the xwork-community-custom.xml included during startup in the LifeCycle?  Are these synonyms for the same file (one being old...one being new?)



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                Just wanted to add my +1 to this.


                Would be very handy to allow partner/customer organisations to self register in respective communities but not to open the self register process up to the world. For example you want to invite a partner to your partner community and let people self register but only with emails that are in the list i.e. name@acme.com.