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    Marketing Jive to the Enterprise


      There are only a few months left until our initial launch of the Jive Platform; it's time to start our marketing efforts. We have the basics covered so we're looking for something creative. What have people done to increase their adoption rates and improve visibility to the enterprise?



      Here's what we've got so far for some context, and maybe it can help others out as well.

      • Email Blasts to known interest groups and established early adopters
      • Intranet home page links
      • Intranet video portal campaign (Short, funny videos highlighting the need for the Social Network)
      • Internal newsletter articles
      • QR code posters
      • Posters and Fliers
      • Office contests (which IT office can register the most users, the fastest)
      • Slogan/Tagline contest
      • Personal Avatar Photo Booth


      Does this seem like enough ideas? What else can we do to create awareness and start some buzz?

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          Really great stuff here. I think it's very important to internally market this in a slick fashion. While we've also done some of the practices you mention, you'll still find that people still don't know what's going on. I'd offer the following additions;


          1.     Find any opportunity to discuss, either face to face or in group format what it is that you are doing and why. Make it fun and most importantly, make it relevant. They will need to know why this is coming and how it relates to their work. Ask to attend business unit meetings and present for 15 minutes. If nothing else, it will be a new topic to their regular, monthly meeting.


          2.     When you invite people to a community, create some fan-fare. Make the invitations fun and engaging. Something they are not likely to have seen before.


          3.     Distribute small "starter packs". Include a small Quick Start guide, pens, magnets, etc. (we didn't do this, but wish we did)


          I love your idea on the avatar photo booth! That alone will build fan-fare.  Be aware thought that some may not take to putting a profile pic up online.


          Good luck!


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              Scott, thanks for the feedback! We've met with some of the business units, so at least the top level management is aware that this is coming, I agree thats really important.


              In regards to the invitations, have you, or anyone else for that matter, tried the "exclusivity" approach? By that I mean, making it seem like there are a limited number of spots and only certain people can get in, but in reality its open to everyone? It can be a hard sell, but I've used this approach in other endeavors and it always creates a buzz.

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                Starter packs....good idea. I still have time to build these and put something in place.  Thanks!

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                LOVE IT - great marketing campaign to get things rolling.  We also did a "seek and you shall find" contest which centered around finding answers (posted throughout the site) to specific Jive tool questions.  It was a fun, educational exercise - gets people to use the search function and also helps others learn from the answers posted by their peers.  First person to X number of points wins a prize (Jive tool trinket of some sort).    everyone loves prizes!  Good luck!

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                    We sort of did to the exclusivity thing. Across our enterprise, we had our Sr leaders create an awareness and then ask those interested, and with a particular business challenge to submit a use case for review. Those cases that proved the farthest reaching business value were "awarded" licenses to participate. There are pro's and con's to that.

                    Pro's:     get's folks thinking about how social works and can resolve issues

                                  allows you to track each business case and identify and highlight the value and ROI


                    Con's:     People can get pissed that they don't get a license when their colleague does

                                  Eliminates the viral aspect, which I think also has great value


                    Once the community is created, we've had our Sr leaders create and support fun contests and polls. It's really getting people more comfortable actually seeing our leaders participate and say "it's ok... I support this".  That's critical for sure.

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                      JJ- love the 'scavenger hunt' type of idea-- any specifics you can share? Our rollout is early next year, but I am already trying to think of ways to get my early adopters involved and keep them enthused!

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                      These are all really great ideas! I'd also like to suggest if you want people to actually USE the platform instead of just signing up, you should do a promotional contest in the way of prizes awarded for actual use. It could be identified by the first, second and third members to reach a certain amount of points, or getting a particular group or space up, populated and active first. One of the prizes could be those winners get to use a special badge that no one else gets to use.


                      You could also play on the development of use cases and have the different groups showcase ways they are using it. Make it fun - encourage them to post photos, blog about it, and share their experiences. You could have the community vote on which group used the most innovation/creativity and award that group a prize. If you want something low to no cost, consider highlighting them on the platform and in any newsletters and giving them special badges. Sometimes bragging rights are worth way more than a gift card or trinket. The best option to find what motivates them is putting out a poll and ask your members what is valuable to them, with options within what your company is willing/able to do. You could consider in this recognition, badges, trinkets, gift cards, paid time off (1/2 day or a full day), and ask for their suggestions as well. This can get them excited about using the platform and participating in the contests when the platform is launched.


                      You can also continue this to encourage ongoing participation innovation by making these a quarterly contest.


                      I hope this helps!

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                          Heather/Scott/JJ this is great stuff!


                          I've spent the day putting together a full fledged marketing plan and I'm still seeing some gaps.


                          We've got campaigns centered on:

                          • College new hires who tend to be socially savy. (QR codes, electronic scavenger hunts)
                          • IT employees who know the tech landscape. (Our initial roll out is to IT)
                          • Executives (Not sure if "making them do it" is a valid marketing campaign, but it works for us )
                          • Building Registrations
                          • Fostering Usage


                          Where I'm lacking is engaging the middle management. What has everyone done to facilitate middle managers to adopt, use, and encourage their directs to participate?


                          Will traditional methods (email blasts, posters, newsletters) work?

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                              Andrew Kratz

                              Here are a few directed at middle-management:


                              • “team knowledge-base” – instead of it getting lost in emails and hard-drives using social groups and projects to collaborate and file share is a better mouse-trap.  This would add value to a middle-management person that runs a group.

                              • Finding expertise – stuck team-members shouldn’t just rely on the folks sitting around them..post a question…do a few searches, find colleagues in the broader organization that can help with issues, use of tools etc…  A good manager will recognize this as a great way their team can be more efficient.

                              • Team-building – managers sharing information, having a dialog with staff at all levels, interesting articles.  It is a great supplement (and much quicker) than town-halls, skip-level group sessions etc…   Ever manager knows they should do more of this.  Jive social groups for a team or department makes this quick, easy and fun.  The manager will feel guilty how little time they spend on this J

                              • Recognition – could roll up into the team-building line item, but giving out kudos and recognition to team members as well as those outside of the group.  Creates a culture that is collaborative, helpful and recognizes good work.
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                                Some of our managers have made their communites the ONLY place to get the information they need. They are reducing the "antiquated" email messages and have instead posted everything in the community. It seems to work well..

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                                  Just a thought. At Jive World 2011, we were discussing at a roundtable about executives blogging. Someone suggested that if execs can't blog (either lack of time or lack of interest) it is possible for them to status on the platform.  Writing a status is like microblogging.  Just an idea.



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                                      We implemented a “Follow Christine” (our CMO) using V4.0.  With V5 it should be easier.    I created an email she can use to send in a “Fat Tweet”, basically the 255 character subject line.  That is posted in a community and we have people start email notification as a way to “Follow”.


                                      It works great and since she just needs to send an email, it is easy for her.  While it is a shift in behavior for some executives, it is an easier sell with the limited time commitment and ease of use for them.



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                                  Any other inputs? This was a great thread and highly useful. Thanks!

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                                    I'm curious...how did the photo booth work?  We want to do one for people's profile photos but would need to email the photo to the user asap, correct?  How did you associate photo with email?

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                                      Amazing thread, thank you all.


                                      How many of you have named your Jive instances? One idea that has worked in the past is to create a naming contest for the Jive instance. I know of two large enterprises that did this and the names are used to refer to the platform. May not be good for Jive branding but internally people know the platform, know what it does, how it fits into the enterprise's SOPs and culture and helps make the collaboration space a living entity.

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                                          In hindsight, I wish we had done this. While we haven't received any negative feedback for choosing the name internally within the project team - It would have been a huge adoption opportunity to let our employees name our instance.

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                                            A name for your community is important for your branding and communication with members. I will warn you against a contest, however, unless you make clear the purpose of the content is to surface possible names, not to "elect" a winner. I found our two "contests" (we named initially and then re-named 4 years later) rather depressing, actually, as ideas got shot down more than they got voted up. IOW, nothing clearly emerged as the winner and a lot of negativity got surfaced. I think we picked a great name the second time around (the Hub), but it was far from a unanimous selection. I expended tremendous personal and political capital to get that name approved. It was worth it in the end, but my advice is to exercise your managerial decision-making about what will best represent the objectives you have and the role you envision for the community -- and the crowds are unlikely to know the best name to meet those criteria.

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                                            We held a naming contest for our internal community as well. However, we were upfront with our employees that the name that was "won" based on votes might not actually become the name of the community. It had to pass our marketing/branding criteria as well. This was the copy that we used:


                                            Contest Details:
                                            Submit a name for this community or vote on a name that you like. The person who submits the winning name will receive $200! The winning name will be voted on by the community, but must also meet our naming criteria such as:


                                            The name should be:

                                            • Memorable
                                            • Reflect the essence of the community: innovation, collaboration and sharing
                                            • No more than two or three words
                                            • Work in harmony with our culture and core values


                                            Marketing will review the most popular names and apply the criteria above to select the winning name.


                                            Our naming contest was very successful internally, it actually came right down to the wire, and the winning name did pass our marketing criteria. It was fun and gave employees a glimpse of Jive before they really got to use it and understand it.