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    multiple plugins clobbering each other





      Our clearspacex project is using 2 plugins, both of which extend "community-actions" (although they do not share or overwrite any action names between themselves) and we've noticed some odd behavior.  If we have 1 of the plugins installed, everything is fine.  I then copy the other plugin into the plugins directory and restart the server and the jar gets unpacked and everything.  But then the plugin doesn't actually take effect (still the same old behavior in csx).  I then go into the admin console and system->plugins and click the "restart" icon for the non-working plugin (not sure why I have to do this - shouldn't it work after a deploy/server restart) and then it starts working, but then the old plugin that was first installed no longer works.  This works both ways for both plugins so basically we can only ever have 1 plugin running (the latest one we installed/restarted through admin console) at a time for some reason.  Noticed this both on 1.6 and 1.7.  Any thoughts?