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    Notifications on the Jive Mobile App Icon?


      Not sure if this has been asked/discussed anywhere already if there are any plans of getting notifications showing up on the Jive Mobile App Icon indicating new updates. Obviously this seems very difficult with Jive 5.0 HTML5 access as that would mean we just have a bookmark icon on our phones to access it. But does any one really come across a situation when they have needed such a feature. Most apps on our phones (especially email - gmail app) have this feature which shows new updates (new notifications/emails) on the icon itself, so that helps to get someone to open the app. Having something similar for Jive mobile app would be awesome.


      Next step to that would be a popup notification in iPhone and/or the top-bar notification in android that says x-no of updates in your apps.


      E.g.: the notification on mail icon in an iphone.


      or something like this in an android in the notification window pull down



      Do we have any insight if this or anything similar will be possible / is on the roadmap?