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    Restrict Access To Documents Pending Approvals


      If you create a document in Jive and it requires approvals, it does not appear in the list of documents (under the Documents tab). However if someone discovers the direct URL for the document they can still access it without any restrictions.


      This is one of those issues between intended behavior and perception of functionality.


      Perceptions of Functionality: (If a document is pending approvals)

      1- The document should not be listed under the documents tab, (except to the creator/approvers).

           1a- This part is working as expected.

      2- The document should NOT be accessable to 'Anyone' via a direct URL or bookmark, (except to the creator/approvers).

           2a- This is NOT the case, as 'Anyone' with a direct URL to the document can access the document.


      Currently the Creater and Approvers have to restrict document access to 'Specific people', until they are ready for everyone else to access it.


      Restricted Access.jpg