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    Tagging Responses and Comments


      I am curious if anyone has done any customization which allows responses in a Discussion or comments to a Document to be tagged.


      The use case:


      Jive is doing some customization on the Search for us to surface certain content at the top of the list. We are still working through the details, but we likely will use a "priority" tag to highlight a document as information we want at the top of the list. This will work well for the top level Discussion or Document. However, we cannot tag the individual responses or comments in the discussion/document. For example:


      • A user creates a Discussion around a specific topic and tags it with a few relevant tags.
      • Another user responds to the discussion with a fantastic answer. We want to ensure this answer gets captured at the top of the Search, so we want to tag it with a special tag e.g. "abc_priority".


      Has anyone done any type of customization like this? Is there a simpler approach?


      Thanks for any insight!