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    Developers Community access via Mobile

      We are Jive App developers and wanting to access the Mobile app on Iphone to see how JIVE works on that platform. We have been told that we need credentials to a Sample Community, which we can get from Brian Gil. Would love access.


      Mark Sylvester


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          John Schwiller

          If you go to the Mobile group in Jive Community (JC) there is info on the HTML 5 'app-like' access to JC. There is also a conventional app in the iPhone store (JiveWorld) that was used at JW. This is a configured version of the HTML 5 packaged for iPhone.


          The legacy Jive iPhone app (2yrs old) is now deprecated.


          The app-like mobile version runs against any 4.5.6+ or 5.0+ instance with the appropriate plugin.


          (from mobile).

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            Thanks for posting to the main Jive Community Mark. I'm going to move this to the Mobile group so that Brian Gil can jump in.

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              Hi Mark,

              We have opened up mobile access to the Jive Community selectively under the test location of https://support.jive-mobile.com/.  Please try it out.  Couple key notes:

              1. As I alluded to above, the final location will change to a different URL.
              2. The Jive Community is not yet running 5.0.1.  When it upgrades, the current @mentions stream will be replaced by a Jive 5 stream of Communications.  This read-tracked queue is synced across devices.
              3. To purposely limit access during these early days we have not enabled the automatic redirection feature.  Therefore clicking through on a supported phone from a Jive email will not redirect into the app as it will when we enable the service for real.


              - Brian

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                  Thanks Brian. One thing that doesnt work is that I use Facebook Connect to login - and using the login/password feature on this Mobile link doesnt allow me to do that. And when I try to set up an account that would let me in, I get trapped in a Password Reset loop that ends up not working. I also got an email from Password Reset that says:


                  We have received a request from to reset your password. If you have requested to reset your password, please follow the instructions below. If you do not want to reset your password, disregard this message.


                  Your user account is controlled by an external system such as LDAP. Please contact your administrator.


                  JiveWorld12: Jive User Conference | October 9-11 | Las Vegas | www.jivesoftware.com/jiveworld


                  But there was nothing else in the email, ie the 'instructions' below.


                  More to the point and to be clear. The JIVE APP that I downloaded earlier this year from ITUNES does not work, and we should be looking at the link jive-mobile.com instead.

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                      Actually, this is off the mobile topic - but wanted to give some more color to the Password Reset. I finally got another email with a token to reset the Password. I did that and it seemed fine. I then wanted to see my Account. It showed me as logged in (could see my photo and name) but when I clicked My Account, it made me login again, this time with a Jive account, not Facebook. So, I entered the username and password I had just reset, and it said my password was wrong. So, I am stuck in an infinite loop of reseting and having it tell me it's wrong. Would love to get past that. Thanks

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                        John Schwiller

                        Hi Mark



                        More to the point and to be clear


                        In the app store there is an app called Jive SBS Mobile. That legacy app does not work with Jive 5+ as installed on Jive Community (JC - here) - :Brian Gil worth taking it down or putting a note on it that it is deprecated?


                        There is also a JiveWorld11 app which was developed for JiveWorld - it does connect to JC (only).


                        Then for Jive instances with the appropriate plugin installed (such as JC) you can access using the HTML5 'app-like' facility once you know the correct mobile gateway URL.


                        Hopefully Brian will address your sign-in issues ASAP.