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    auto-save of drafts not working?


      Can anyone tell me how the auto-save of drafts works?  In clearspace 1.7, it does not seem to be working for me.  When I am editing a document or disucssion, whether it is in published or draft state, or a new posting, the auto-save process does not seem to do anything.  I know that it runs because if I set a breakpoint in DraftAction.saveDraft() and type something in a draft it hits it every 30 seconds or so.  However, I would expect my changes to be saved in a draft, but if I leave the posting without saving and come back, I do not see any drafts in my stuff.  Or, if I already have a draft saved and I make changes to it and wait for the auto-save to run, then leave, my changes are not saved.  



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          So after a little more testing, I think what happens is that the draft saved in the background is only used in the case of a browser crash or other unexpected event.  If you have unsaved changes and try to navigate away from your draft it prompts you to confirm that you are leaving unsaved changes behind, and if you click OK, that is giving the system permission to delete your draft.  However, If something like a browser crash happens and you didn't go through the confirmation prompt, the next time you come back to your draft it lets you know there is a recovered version of your content and asks if you want to use it or delete it.  So please disregard my previous post...