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    Meeting mobile app


      Brian et al,

      Is a version of the JW11 mobile app going to be possibly available? Our meetings groups is doing some exploration and was somewhat interested in this.  Can we get more information on it? Or is this something we should plan on getting someone to develop for us. (I assume the developer tools have been built such that this could be easily done.)




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          Hi Christine,

          I am very happy to hear that you would value using the app for your company's conferences as well.  It certainly validates the effort we put into building the app for JW11.  However, at this point we aren't focused on productizing it.  It was heavily tailored to JiveWorld so the effort to genericize it to a degree that would be useful to our customers is significant.  I am happy to discuss it further though so any specific requirements you may have would be very useful.  Perhaps we can find a third party that can integrate the Jive components into an existing customizable conference app.  That could be a nice blended solution.