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    User StatusLevels - Advanced Rules for Association/UI Indication

    Ryan Rutan


      We are running ClearspaceX 1.7.0 currently (non-production), and we've come into an interesting requirement.  We want to use the Status-Level by Group option to attribute an icon to Users in a specific group.  In our case, this group reflects Directors, etc... However, in addition to this indicator, we'd like to also have a points based rule that says...overall in the community this person has another icon (either in addition, or a specific custom icon that indicates the concatenated condition of the user being a Director as well as a Veteran poster). 



      Wondering if there are any features on the roadmap to create some administrative capabilities around options like



          Show all status-level group/point affiiliation icons vs. Show only first match?

          Definition of priority perhaps?



      Conceptually you could use the order of the status-level definitions to maybe manipulate this....but this may not be the  end-all solution.



      Comments always welcome!



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          hi Ryan,


          We talked at one point about adding something similar to what Forums had with a 'badge', but for some reason (I forget why) that got pushed out. At this point I think your best bet would be to customize the Freemarker macro responsible for displaying the status level, which is in /template/global/include/jive-macros.ftl. The specific macro starts like this:

          <#macro userStatusLevel user='' community='' showPoints=false>