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    What's a good outline of topics for taking new users through Jive?

      I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for an outline of topics that works well when demonstrating the features of Jive to a new users.  This wouldn't be for an in-depth training, but an hour walk-through that would give someone new to Jive and social business an good understanding of how it can benefit users.


      What I'm trying to get is a structure where one topic segues well into another and builds on what was shown previously.


      Thanks for any help you guys can offer!

        • What's a good outline of topics for taking new users through Jive?

          I do a lot of these internally and follow this basic plan:

          • Logging In
          • Interface Elements
            • Banner (click it to get Home)
            • Global menu Controls (new, your stuff, browse...)
            • Search (the most important
          • Profile
            • What it is importnat
            • Upload a picture (again, why it is important)
            • Email Notification preferences
          • Collaboration
            • Spaces (I tell them that this is what the admin sets up; good for departmental/large topics)
            • Groups (i tell them that they can set it up)
            • Why each collaboration is important
          • Actions menu
          • Content and what each are used for within a collaboration area (space or group)
            • Blogs
            • Discussions
            • Documents
            • Etc.
          • Questions


          Overall, with the exception of Logging In and Interface, I do very little "point and click" training.  I spend most of my time discussing why it is important and what they can do with it.

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            Here's our outline (for our Jive instance called Matrix). These are broken into four parts and delivered as a PPT as well as a narrated Adobe Connect presentation (random access).


            Complete List of Topics Covered

            Part One

            • Why are we creating Matrix?
            • What is Matrix
            • When to use Matrix
            • Browsing the Site
            • Tags and browsing
            • Search
            • Support / Help
            • Governance
            • Terms of Use

            Part Two

            • Space, Project, and Group collaboration
            • Space hierarchy
            • Space permissions
            • Space Overview page
            • Actions Menu
            • Groups
            • Group permissions
            • Projects
            • Groups vs. Spaces

              Part Three

            • Documents
            • Web Page Documents
            • Organizing documents with Tags and Categories
            • Blogs
            • Discussions
            • Open Discussions vs. Questions/Answers
            • Polls
            • Rating and Liking content
            • Notifications: RSS and Opt-in Email Alerts
            • Comments/replies via email
            • Creating new content via email

            Part Four

            • People search
            • Profile
            • Photo and Avatar
            • Personal Dashboard and Widgets
            • User Updates (status update)
            • Personal Blog
            • Personal Blog vs. Community Blog
            • Personal Documents
            • Bookmarks
            • Matrix Status Levels
            • Matrix Preferences
              • Locale/system language preferences
              • Email notifications preferences


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              We are doing something similar to Kevin Crossman and Brad.Fitzgerald. As such we've devided our training content into 4 sessions. Note our Jive instance is called TaitHub.

              1. Navigation and Basics
                At the end of the course you will have the knowledge necessary to develop skills with TaitHub enabling you to navigate to specific locations efficiently and search for information effectively, add documentation to TaitHub, start a Discussion and join a Group you want to follow.

              2. More Actions and Notifications
                We explore the Actions menu in detail, dive deep into search, and learn how to make best use of notifications including the personalised "Your View"
              3. The Group Owner
                You will have the knowledge necessary to develop skills with TaitHub enabling you to create and manage a group. This course explores the most common widgets and talks about the responsibilities of a group owner.
              4. TaitHub administrators
                This course is for space administrators. It covers:
                Understand the Administrator role
                Create and manage spaces
                Administer access levels
                Utilise TaitHub Tools
                Identify best practice methods for the design and management of dynamic spaces


              The information is delivered via on site training, 1 on 1 sessions, booklets, and webex. The first 2 are the most effective. The booklet is a good reminder as are some video clips. Although on their own they don't work.

              • What's a good outline of topics for taking new users through Jive?

                As a Jiver, I used to have to do this a LOT with new customers. As Anneke describes, I kept it simple, like the following quote from the movie, Bull Durham:


                "This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball."


                So, here was my approach:


                1. "You do four things in Jive. You find people and stuff, you connect to people and stuff, you collaborate with people about stuff, and you organize your people and stuff."
                2. And then I'd ask for a topic from the audience, then search for it.
                3. I'd then click through to a profile, and give a quick tour. (FIND)
                4. Then, I'd follow that person, and show that their stuff would start showing up in my Connectivity stream. (CONNECT)
                5. Then, I'd comment on a thread that person had already started - type something that helps that person solve their problem, for example. (COLLABORATE)
                6. I'd expand that concept by creating a group, and name it something like, "Team X Work Group" and give a quick tour of groups (COLLABORATE)
                7. I'd finish on showing how to organize all the stuff I care about on the Your View page.
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                  All these answers are golden! Thanks for sharing everyone. Our company is just in the beginning stages of implementing Jive (hardware specs still being discussed), but as Internal/Enterprise CM, I am already thinking about the best way to teach folks the new system. Out first strategy session is next week. Can't wait.

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                    Keeley Sorokti

                    Thanks to everyone who responded. Incredibly helpful - glad to not reinvent the wheel!

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                      I run bi-weekly hour-long webex sessions for new users.  I do a walkthrough of the functionalities as per Brad Fitzgerald, explaining how Jive organises data in 3 main containers - People, Places and Content.  After the quick tour of the functions, I  then show them content that's relevant to them and tips on how to build their network quickly by tapping into other people's networks - especially useful to newbies who do not know where to go from here eg

                      1. Search for people you know eg your colleagues, your boss, your team mates.  Follow them and check out their connections and places (we call Groups/communities) they belong to/following - follow the ones that interest you
                      2. Join / follow groups/communities that overlap your interest, role by searching for tags that relate to your division/department, role/function, interests etc eg finance, analyst, photography...
                      3. Show them where and how  they can get help if they get stuck eg support sites and show them how to search for answers to questions or start a discussion; how to bookmark useful content etc
                      4. Show the difference between commonly used content types eg collaboration options in document vs blogs,  and explained that all types of content except status updates must live in a place (site)

                      ...and point out any other practical tips eg  to occasionally check the All Activity stream to avoid having just a 'tunnel vision' of only being aware of things/people that you follow.

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                          Beyond the newbie training, we have different "programs" internally to help various levels of users.   We leverage our network of location leaders of our Collaboration Community and Jive champions in each location.  here's a brief outline.

                          1. Help people get started - send welcome emails to newbies.  The email contains 3 steps and simple instructions to help them get started.  It includes links to training events.  Send similar emails to people who have been "dormant".
                          2. Concierge Service - Collaboration Location leaders set up one-on-one training sessions with senior managers to help them get started.  We also work on engaging them online
                          3. Advocacy program - Senior management know the benefits and necessity of collaboration but we  need to help them translate that 'knowledge' into tangible value-adds and benefits. Once convinced, these senior leaders will be our advocates.  So we have a top-down and bottoms-up adoption approach.