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    Any thoughts about aggregating external Blogs into Blog configuration?

    Ryan Rutan


      Thought regarding a blog type that is RSS only....that could aggregate from different sources and display them on the page when needed...this would pretty much be in-memory only....may even cause problems for comments etc....but wondered if anyone has given this some thought....it would be nice to interlace a "group blog" with external content...that we could potentially apply a filter/interceptor to such that we can filter out/in specific content from multiple feeds.



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          hey Ryan,


          Yeah, I've actually been working on what I was calling a feed blog, but instead of it living in memory it would actually replicate the items from an RSS feed into either an existing blog or a standalone blog. My use case was at work, on our intranet, where we have multiple people that have external blogs (myself, Dawn, etc..) and a lot of our posts externally probably would be valuable internally as well. In my model, you'd specify a feed (or multiple feeds) that you wanted to periodically poll and also a list of include tags and exclude tags (include a post if it's tagged with any of the include tags, exclude a post if it's tagged with one of the exclude tags) and then it would actually post the blog post to a Clearspace blog, which means then you get comments, etc... It might also make sense to have these posts have a notification at the bottom saying that they were originally posted somewhere else. Another reason to have this kind of functionality is that you could have technorati feed searches automatically posted as blog items to a blog, competitors blog posts automatically posted to a blog, etc.. So yeah... I think it's a great idea.  





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            Ryan Rutan


            On a slight tangeant, has there been any discussion about being able to create a blog in the system for the purpose of centralizing the list of Blogs in a corporation.  For now, we have quite a few blogs that are not on ClearspaceX; however, we'd like to leverage the View Blogs interface to reference our External Blogs as well.  Thoughts for me, would be to allow us to insert Blog entries into the system that are there for the purpose of discovery only...when they are clicked, users are redirected to the URL for the Blog that was specified during setup.



            The sole purpose of this idea is to provide visibility to these other blogs through a common and central interface.  Moving forward, we plan to provide references to other Blogs that are online that are not controlled by our company, but contain information that helps our customer base.  Some mechanism to promote these organic blogs would be highly useful to our organization.



            My initial thoughts would be to put an extended property on a Blog such as, "externalReferenceURL".  If this property is present, then the link generated is the URL to the Blog...rather than a Clearspace constructed URL.  My thoughts are that these blogs are going to be referenced to communityId -1 or something like that so they are listed/associated.  Need to think about the Most Active display...thought this was related enough to revive some comments.