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    Creation of a Document Alias Concept

    Ryan Rutan


      I was thinking about this the other day.....in that a document cannot technically be shared as a reference amongst multiple communities...and in addition, there is an inherent issue with referencing documents across communities (when not using the DOC/ID) Url?  Was wondering if any thought has been given to the "Move Document" functionality, such that the UI provides some of the following options:


      • Would you like to

        • Move the document to the selected Community, leaving an Alias behind to redirect traffic

        • Leave the document here, but copy an alias to the selected Community


      Some security/permissioning comes into play here...but I think that this feature should default READ-ONLY access for Aliases, and edit permissions as a function of the original Document, Aliases are not editable.  Aliases exist in the document schema and have a unique ID; however, they do not retain comments or other information...perhaps extended properties...maybe an Alias is a document with an extended property that tells which ID it references...who knows?



      Just thought I'd throw this out there....as I've said in previous posts, we'd rather reference documents by their name than ID...for Wiki linking purposes...as such, I see this being a nifty feature to help that idea out.



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          Hey Ryan,


          Thanks for the comment. I think what you're suggesting is a cool idea. As you suggest, there are challenges related to permissions, which in Clearspace are scoped to the space, not a particular piece of content. For example, imagine that a document was created in a space that I don't have permission to view, but "aliased" to a space that I do. Should I be able to see the document? Simply checking to see if I have permission to view documents in the space wouldn't be enough.


          I really like the idea of referencing by name in links.



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              Ryan Rutan

              Thanks for the feedback Steve...after typing this up...I thought up about

              it...and I figured that if you are leaving an Alias somewhere....I would

              expect (being the requirements provider) to have minimum Anonymous level

              access defined in the community where the alias resides, if I do not

              already have permissions in that community that give me more

              permissions..or have explicit denied permissions conversely.  I dont think

              that the URLs should change taking you into the community...but more that

              the Alias's are document that serve as managed portal into pieces of

              content into other communities...likewise, any comments/ratings left on

              the Alias should (in my opinion) be left attached to the Alias document.

              Perhaps a utility could be provided to the original document owner to view

              all Comments in one screen...but I definitely think that an Alias is an

              entity like a document..the content just happens to be a pointer.


              I prime example of something like this would be a private document that is

              in an internal only community, that is Aliased externally into public

              communities (such as best practices, rules, agreements, process

              definitions)....just some ideas...I'd be happy to brainstorm if you think

              this might become an interesting feature.  One thing, this could be a

              mechanism to help bleed the lines of community barriers when having to

              make decisions of Tag Group vs. Community as an informational architecture



              Hope this helps...=)