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    Follow and Join Groups


      Hello All....


      I was trying to determine the functional differences between following and joining an open group.  This doesn't really apply to Members Only, Private, or Secret groups because being a member changes the functionality significantly.  So assuming I want to do something with an open group, I have 3 choices:


      Join but not Follow the group

      Follow but not Join the group

      Both Join and Follow the group


      I know when I join the group I'll show up as a member and it will be listed in my groups as well as other benefits like others seeing I'm in the group.  Besides that are there any other differences between follow and join that impact functionality?  The one I'm most interested in is if I'm already a member of a group is there any reason to also follow it?


      I think I can help my users understand why they would want to Follow vs. Join a specific open group but is there a reason they should do both?





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          In 4.5 and prior, joining offers you the option of email alerts, which following does not. But you've got the basic idea - Joining adds you to the member list.


          Of course in Members Only groups then Joining is what you have to do in order to contribute. I actually wouldn't be sad to see "Open" groups go away - I don't think it's unreasonable to join in order to participate.

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            Joining a group makes you automatically follow it : and that’s what you want, to keep posted of the group’s activity in your followed stream. In specific cases, you might choose to unfollow it :


            -          You still have a quick access to the group (Browse places --> followed)


            -          In case of private groups, you still have access to the private content if you need it


            -          But, you are not “bothered” in your activity stream with activity that you don’t want to watch closely.



            There are some groups that justify this choice, but it is mostly interesting for private groups in my opinion…


            For open groups, I still haven’t figured out why choose “ Follow” or “Join” though ☺